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337 Kent Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11249


I, (Daniel Woods) am an Industrial Designer and self-proclaimed furniture-nerd.   I am very enthusiastic about well designed and aesthetically pleasing consumer products. I am a graduate of the Art Institute of Philadelphia (BSA) and feel my education, my can-do approach and focused attention to detail, especially that of furniture and home wares, gives me a leading edge against my competitors.  I am available for freelance or for hire.  


Graduated! Best Portfolio - Industrial Design 2013!

Daniel Woods

So it's finally over, and guess what?! I got Best Portfolio! So now it begins.  I'll be out there looking for a Design position.  Freelance work should help until that happens.  Thank you to anyone and everyone that helped me along the way!  I couldn't have done it without you!  Especially my beautiful wife, who was there at 4am when I was pulling all nighters to finalize a project, or listening/contributing to brainstorming sessions in the middle of her favorite TV show.  I can't thank you enough. I love you all! Best Portfolio! Yeah man!